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Plootus APP FAQ
Plootus is an easy to use, a comprehensive financial planning tool that will assist you to plan for retirement. The product breaks down income and expenses in different categories and then projects total money required for retirement. The product suggests the investments/funds you should choose from the options available within your retirement plan account.
We analyze funds taking into considerations various return and risk factors before making a recommendation to you. We consider your risk profile and investment options available within your 401k, 403b, 457 or TSP plans to construct a diversified portfolio.
We calculate future expenses based on your current spending habits and adjust for likely major life changes, location, inflation and other factors.
We are currently offering our services for free. In the future, we may charge a fixed amount equivalent to what you pay for a Netflix or an Amazon Prime subscription, much lower than the industry.

We are a for-profit entity but our vision is to revive the American Dream and offer stress- free financial planning to everyone.
After signing up, you should link your bank, credit cards, brokerage, and retirement accounts to the app. We process the information gathered through these accounts to provide you a summarized view and a transaction by transaction view across all financial institutions in one place. We use your information for the purposes of estimating how much money you will need for your retirement period.
A Retirement Planner projects growth in retirement assets till retirement and usage of those assets post-retirement. The Before Retirement tab in the Plootus app estimates the amount you will accumulate based on the amount contributed, employer match and investment strategy. The After Retirement tab gives you a view into how the assets in the retirement account will be used over time and whether it will last for the expected lifetime. The Future Expenses tab provides yearly details of estimated expenses during retirement. You can edit the estimated future expenses and see the impact on a real-time basis.

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