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Democratize financial planning for all
For an average user, financial planning can be extremely stressful and understanding various investment options ends up being a time consuming & head-scratching exercise. These days, most employers offer defined contribution type plan benefits like 401k or 403b plans instead of an assured pension amount at the time of retirement. These plans allow discretion in the investment of funds making the returns variable and subject to market risks. Plan resources and employer education initiatives do not provide sufficient tools to make educated & informed decisions about investments. Whether you are heading off into the sunset, are a mid-level professional or just starting your career, we help you identify your current requirements and future goals in the context of multiple drivers & life cycle changes such as marriage, children, increased healthcare cost, home expenses, risk tolerance and recommend the investments that will guide you through a happy retirement.

Technology enabled, expert financial advice, yet does not break your bank
Technology promises accuracy, transparency, and efficiency. By linking your financial accounts in a secure way, Plootus can obtain transactional information and understand your financial profile. Our algorithm analyzes your income and expenses and predicts future requirements during retirement. We do not sell you anything that is agnostic to the fund options available through your employer-sponsored plans. After carefully considering your needs and profile, we will choose the best funds in your 401k 403b plans, with the lowest fees and better performance. Security & confidentiality of your data is our first priority. We have meticulously implemented sufficient levels of encryption in place and good practices that guarantee confidentiality. We do not ask for personal information, date of birth or Social Security Numbers. Your login IDs and passwords for any financial institution are never seen or stored by Plootus. Our services are read-only and do not allow us to execute any actions/transactions on your behalf such as changing investment options for your 401k plan. We provide you the best recommendation but let you be the ultimate decision maker to make the changes by accessing your account. Plootus is currently available at no cost for patrons, whether your 401k, 403b or similar account size is $1 or in $1 million.
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